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Are you searching for quality flag poles? Well, there is no need to look further as American Flag Store is here to offer an exceptional selection of commercial and residential flagpoles. Their wide selections of flag poles are actually made with high quality commercial grade aluminum adhering to the highest standards by one of the leading flagpole manufacturers in the country.

What Type of Flag Poles Does American Flag Store Offer?

American Flag Store offers different types of poles, which can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors. A breakdown of the various flag poles is indicated below:

Aluminum Flag Poles (Commercial Grade)

Four types of flag poles fall under the Aluminum Flag Poles (Commercial Grade) category. Included are Commercial Internal Winch, Commercial Internal Halyard (rope), Commercial External Halyard (rope) and Residential External Halyard (rope) aluminum flag poles.

Both types of flag poles are suitable for homes and businesses. Flagpoles are made from high quality aluminum material that is available in different finishes and sizes. The entire selection of flagpoles have gone through various stress tests in order to ensure that safety concerns are answered and the quality of these products are top notch. Instructions for the installation process of the flag pole are included with each pole purchase.

Tri-Pole Aluminum Flag Poles

The most common way for business to display flag poles is in a tri-pole pattern. This is a common practice due to the fact that the business can display the American flag, their state flag and a company flag all together. Tri-pole packages are an easy and convenient way to pick the tri-pole pattern you need without the headache of piecing them together. The Tri-Pole Aluminum Flag Poles come in different wall thickness and base sizes to cater the needs of many customers. Tri-pole packages available include the Commercial Grade Internal Halyard (rope), External Halyard (rope) Series Aluminum Flag pole and the Commercial Grade Internal Winch series Aluminum Flagpole.

Commercial Outrigger Flag poles

Outrigger style flagpoles are the perfect choice when the situation requires flying wall-mounted flags below the building’s roofline. American Flag Store offers both commercial heavyweight and universal lightweight outrigger aluminum flag poles.

Commercial Vertical Flag Poles

American Flag Store also offers commercial vertical flag poles that are suitable when the condition does not favor or allow the use of freestanding flag poles. This type of flag pole allows the flag to be flown from the building at a vertical angle.

Telescopic Flagpoles

American Flag Store carries several different types of Telescopic Flagpoles. The heavy-duty telescoping flagpole comes with a complete package including a flag and lighting. This type of flag pole has been upgraded and improved from the last century’s obsolete telescoping flagpoles. The heavy duty telescoping flag pole uses 10 gauge aluminum compared to the usual 16 gauge aluminum that common telescoping flagpoles are made of. We also carry the more common lightweight aluminum telescoping poles for easy portable use and Tailgating Flagpoles that are made with your team colors.

Fiberglass Flagpoles

Many people who live near the water choose to display their flag on a fiberglass flagpole. Fiberglass flagpoles are better suited for salt-water situations. They also allow the owner to have a white pole without the cost of powder coating. Whether you are searching for just a single flag pole or many flag poles, our reliable online store can accommodate all your requirements. You can rest assured that these flag poles will suite your needs for many years because they are made with high quality materials. These highly durable flag poles are also available at a highly reasonable price.

There are many online stores that offer flag poles, but it is only at American Flag Store where you can find the best pole to meet all your needs.